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Mr. Jment Lim hails his origins from Malaysia and has been a strong advocate in the Asian hemisphere against the cruel act of abortion.

In a time that we are surrounded by numerous pro-choice and pro-life individuals, he works towards spreading awareness about abortion and what alternatives that are possible for an unplanned pregnancy without resorting to the destruction of an innocent young life that had not done anything wrong for its existence.

It is in line with this that he ventured to form Love Life Association to be the bridge for mothers to be that do not want or are unable to care for the baby when its born. Thus this foundation would be the umbrella that provides for them the care they require during the pregnancy and once the young life is born, love life would take over the responsibility of caring, educating as well as tending to the needs of the child from birth till the join employment or till they are adopted by a suitable family.

Mr. Lim who is businessman that has already a number of accolades under his belt, now embarks on the route of activism against abortion through education as well as providing the necessary infrastructure. This is indeed not an easy feat as it takes a lot of passion and patience but he aims to make this effort a success not only in Asia but around the world. He hopes the steps that he has taken will reel in the larger part of society to support the efforts of Love Life towards all corners of the world.

One man can only do so much but a group of similar minded individuals will be a force of change that is needed. Lets work together in bringing about an end towards the cruelty of abortion!

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